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Noblesse Oblige

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"Noblesse oblige" is generally used to imply that with wealth, power and prestige come responsibilities. The phrase is sometimes used derisively, in the sense of condescending or hypocritical social responsibility.


Source: Wikipedia



  1. On Our Governement: The President has the most power on our Country. Meaning, she also has the most responsibilty on taking care of our Country. She has the duty to take charge on everything that's happening on our society.
  2. On our Community: All officials whether its small or big has a reponsibility because they also have the power. Even on our family, the smallest unit of our community. The Parents has the responsibility on taking of their children. The bigger the family is, the bigger the responsibility.
  3. On our Self: As a student, we do have our own responsibilities. We should study hard and do our best on everything that we do for our school activities.

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