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1.     What does swoopo stands for?


·         Swoopo is an online auction site which offers discounted prices to auction winners and charges a fee for each bid placed.


2.     How does it work?


·         It charges people 75 cents everytime they bid


3.     Does Swoopo save money?


·         The Swoopo website claims that "winners save, on average, 65% when compared to the recommended retail price".However, Swoopo also receives money from bidders who did not win.


4.     What does swoopo calls itself?


·         Entertainment Shopping 


5.     What is Endowment Effect?


·         The endowment effect (also known as divestiture aversion) is a hypothesis that people value a good or service more once their property right to it has been established.


6.     What is Irrational Decision making?


·         Making a decison without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason.


7.     Is it an evil idea?


·         For me, somehow it is because in a way, its like your fooling your customers.


8.     Is bidding a bad idea? 


·         bidding a lot is a bad idea, so maybe we only bid one time, or a few times, and near the end of the auction? Great plan, except the auction is extended 15 seconds each and every time someone bids in those final seconds.

9.     Why does this article entitled as “The coding horror?”


·         Because this idea is like  a horror for everyone who reads it and those who doesn’t really understand what’s going on.                     


10.  Why are there people who paricipate in this kind of stuff?


·         Maybe they want to experience something new...Out of curiousity...risks takers are important in real life and in business.


11.  If you were asked to program this example, would you do it? Why?        


·         I wouldn't think that I would agree to program this kind of thing because first of all, I have no idea or any background information about doing this bidding stuffs. I don’t know the mechanics. Also, in my point of view, it wouldn’t be a much useful thing for people because it will just raise the price of the item you are buying.


12.  Is it right to program this example? Why?                 


·         It also depends on the user of the program. If it will be used for the good of many people, why not!












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