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Tough time call for CSR

Page history last edited by Jerome E. Jose 14 years ago
  1. What is an Integrative Quesion?

·         It is a new ideas that you actually know the answer.

  1. Why is called “Corporate Social Responsibility?

·         It involves everyone in our society and we should all responsible for it.

  1. Why corporate bottom lines wreaking havoc on CSR budgets?

·         It’s due to the worldwide financial crisis.

  1. Why do they need to integrate CSR into the principal company;s business?

·         To be prepared for the upcoming challenges that the company might experience.

  1. What does Jollibee do to comply to their CSR?

·         They give free scholarships to people, training and employment.

  1. What does CSR got to do with the corporate world?

·         It will enhance the company’s mission and vision in servicing their customers.

  1. What does Splash Corporation do to comply to their CSR?

·         They also give training and educate people. They also provide jobs.

  1. How does Figaro Foundation strengthen their local coffee industry?

·         They assist communities and sectors that derive sustenance from coffee farming.

  1. Why do Meralco believes in “share a light” advocative?

·         They educate peoplein depressed communities. They give hope.

  1. Are CSR really helpful these days?

·         Yes! Because it enlightens our Business World in times of Crisis.


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